Hi there!

Gearscope is a resource where we list what we think is the best gaming gear. It’s made for gamers who have trouble deciding or don’t want to take a lot of time figuring out what to get, we put in the research for you!

Gearscope came into existence because I found a lot of the great information about gaming gear scattered in communities and blogs and wanted to consolidate into one place. I also genuinely love doing the research and making recommendations to friends.

There are a lot of blogs making gaming recommendations but they’re usually bullshit listicles that don’t show any work or reasoning behind their picks, gamers deserve better than that. We want to be valuable to our readers even if they don’t agree with our picks, which is why we include things to look out for and alternate picks.

The choices made on this blog take days or weeks of research before we come to a confident pick. We usually pick something that would be described as best quality for the price, it’s never usually the most expensive gear with all the bells and whistles, it’s literally gear that we would recommend to friends that’s reasonably priced.

To be transparent: the site is monetized with affiliate links, typically from Amazon. We’ve gone this route to avoid the biases that traditional advertising brings.

Trust is really important for us, if we recommend something just to earn a buck, we know readers won’t come back and if it sucks, they’ll return the product and we’ll make no money anyway. So we’re putting our best effort in picking gear that people will love.

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