Fortnite is a very well optimized game, but if you want to give yourself the best chance to get that top spot, you need to make sure Fortnite is consistent and frame drop free while maximizing visibility.

You should optimize your Fortnite settings in this priority:

  1. Visibility and clarity
  2. Framerate
  3. Effects

For battle royale games, you need to be able to spot enemies at long distances and not have crazy effects get in your way. Because Fortnite isn’t a super twitchy reactive shooters like CS:GO or Overwatch, you don’t need to ensure you get skyhigh FPS.

Once you get these settings right, hop in the party bus and start earning those victories!

Below are settings that closely follow what Fortnite legends like Ninja and Dakotaz use, no blaming your gaming gear if you lose!

Best Fortnite Settings

Video Settings

Window Mode

Go dedicated full screen, dedicated full screen gives Fortnite priority and will lower your input lag.

Display Resolution

Set this to your monitor’s native resolution. Anything other than your monitors native resolution will cause scaling and therefore blurriness. You don’t want a blurry dot to snipe you in Tilted Towers do you?

Frame Rate Limit

Generally turn this off unless your frame rates go from 200 to 30, you should turn this on if your frames are inconsistent.


Don’t use any of these, you’re here to custom set this!

3D Resolution

Start off by setting this to 100%, if you’re finding your framerate t00 low, then set this to the next step down.

View Distance

Set this as high as you can, preferably epic. This should be priority 1 in your settings.


Turn shadows off, shadows are a bit weird add a lot of extra darkness in Fortnite without providing a ton of advantage.


Anti-aliasing generally off, Fortnite only has post-processed anti aliasing, causing a lot of extra blurriness and drops your frame rate a bit.


Turn textures up as high as you can, you’ll get better clarity on players and objects.


You can turn this up as high as you can, effects don’t hurt visibility.

Post Processing

Turn post processing off, post processing will make your picture blurrier.


Off, V-Sync adds significant input lag, get a G-Sync or Freesync set up if you need frame syncing.

Motion Blur

You want this turned off, motion blur just make it harder to see things when you’re looking around and you’re not playing a cinematic “movie” game here, you’re parachuting in to WIN.

Show FPS

Your preference, you should leave this on when initially setting up your video settings.

If you have a beefy machine, turn up these settings in Fortnite

If you have a high end PC, turn up these settings to get a clearer picture in this priority:

  1. Viewing distance
  2. Texture Quality
  3. Effects
  4. Resolution

Don’t change of these settings

  • Post processing – OFF always
  • Show grass – Why add extra grass to block your view
  • Shadows – OFF, they behave weirdly in Fortnite, not worth having them on
  • Vsync – OFF, in everygame always
  • Motion blur – OFF, don’t need to have blurriness when you move around


This is obviously personal preference, you can set these to however you like it so you can build really quickly.

If you need a starting point to try, we’d recommend something similar to  Ninja’s set up:

Ability Slot 1Z
Ability Slot 2X
Building Slot 1 (Wall)Thumb Mouse Button 4
Building Slot 2 (Floors)Middle Click or Tilt wheel Click Left
Building Slot 3 (Stairs)Thumb Mouse Button 3
Building Slot 4 (Roof)Find a place or unbind, if you have a higher button mouse, assign it to your preference.
CrouchC or CTRL
Switch QuickbarQ
Trap Slot 5
Weapon Slot 11
Weapon Slot 22
Weapon Slot 33
Weapon Slot 44